Review: Peking Gourmet Inn, NOVA

Have you ever made new friends who seem perfectly normal and laid back at first, but when you mention food, that you enjoy cooking and trying new restaurants, or someone drops the “F-Word”… Continue reading

Event: The Best from The Best of Washington 2012

Last night, foodies and Chefs gathered at the Historic Building Museum in downtown Washington, DC to taste the “best of” the DC areas top restaurants. The sold-out event has featured more than 60… Continue reading

Feature: Get Your Bastille Day on, DC-Style!

This Saturday (July 14) is Bastille Day, or National French Day, which commemorates the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille prison which is apparently a big deal. I’m not French, so I… Continue reading

Review: Kushi

“What the hell does that mean?” is likely what you are asking yourself, thinking, or maybe searching the Google machine to figure out. Let me provide some translation. Kushi is a Izakaya restaurant… Continue reading

Review: Pho Golden Cow, Falls Church

There is something mysteriously seductive about pho (pronounced fuh) . The entire experience; seeking a good and preferably shady, non-English speaking establishment hopefully in a strip mall. The anticipation of waiting for your… Continue reading

Recipe: Perfect “No Grill” Ribs

Guess what DC? It’s going to be about a million degrees this weekend. That means indoors, AC, shade, or pool. So unless you are a masochist or you have to wear water wings… Continue reading

Review: Dangerously Delicious Pie Truck

There are few culinary questions that can define oneself more than when asked if you are a cookie, cake, or pie person. Some people know their answer within a millisecond like my girlfriend’s… Continue reading

Review: Bone Marrow at Blue Duck Tavern, West End

Say it with me kids: Bone. Marrow. Bone marrow. Two words that do to foodies what the new Ra Ra Riot album did to hipsters (it rhymes with smorgasm). What is bone marrow?… Continue reading

Review: PORC Mobile Food Truck

Believe it or not, even though DC is technically under the Mason-Dixon line, there is an extreme absence of good BBQ in this town. Now, by BBQ, I do not mean the act… Continue reading

Review: Tortilla Coast, Logan Circle

The new Tortilla Coast at Logan Circle offers a higher caliber cuisine than their sister location on Capital Hill. It’s lighter fare with a Baja-Mexican, Southern California feel. Their quesadillas are amazing and… Continue reading