A Book

I love to cook, and I love to eat…but I also enjoy entertaining. However, gone are the days where a lobbyist could converse with “covered officials” (government employees covered under the new lobbying rules) over lavish lunches at some of DC’s favorite places. Today, only finger food, or food on the end of a toothpick, reception fare (everyone is standing up and mingling, with an exception to the exception for elderly, disabled and pregnant people) and bagels (most bagels) are all that is allowed.

Translation – all those receptions and events after work aren’t all that glamorous as some might think. This lobbyist often leaves various post-work events hungry (hence the name/concept for The Hungry Lobbyist – trademark pending).

This got me thinking; just because something must be on a toothpick, and considered “reception fare,” can it not too be delicious, creative, and marginally filling? Why should the wonderful dishes of Washington, DC continue to be denied in this format? That thought then lead to a much more complex one: Can one take the classic staples and new cuisine found in and around the DC area and “transform” them to bite sized, and hence “lobbying-compliant” portions?

If so, would that not make for a great story behind an even better entertaining and hors d’oeuvres cook book that you and your friends could use the next time you have a party, host an event, or feel like providing a little DC flare for friends and family visiting?

I think so, and am currently in the planning stages to write “The Hungry Lobbyist – A Guide to Feeding Congress.” The book will serve as a cookbook which takes classic DC area dishes and turns them into bite-size, appetizer and hors d’oeuvres size (thus compliant with lobbying rules) portions. There will also be interviews with members of Congress on what they like to cook and eat (which might even become a second book on it’s own).

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